“Resurgence of Sanatan Dharma, the base philosophy of Hinduism and Uniting all Hindus. Build a Sanatan Dharma Holy City for Hindus and Humanity which shall be biggest place of Pilgrimage, Knowledge, Worship and Prayers in the world.”

Sanatan Dharma Foundation®

Sanatan Dharma Foundation® is a registered not-for-profit, non-political, public Religious and Charitable Trust, having it head office at Gurugram (Haryana).

Its main objective is to build a Sanatan Dharma Holy City for the resurgence of Sanatan Dharma and uniting all Hindus. The Holy City shall be the largest place of Pilgrimage, Knowledge, Worship and Prayers in the world. Read more....

Foundation has been setup via a Trust Deed by Mrs. Neel Kanwal Aggarwal and allocated an amount of Indian Rupees 50 Million (5 Crore). Read more....

Sudesh Aggarwal

Board of Trustees
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Sanatan Dharma

Sanatan Dharma is the oldest religious philosophy of values, duties and responsibilities, known to the mankind, to be followed by all living and non-living beings including humans as enshrined by the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE. Its scriptures “VEDAS” are the oldest written texts in the world dated at least 7500 BC.

Sanatan Dharma scriptures are the base of Hinduism. Know More....

Religious Sects started emerging from 1000 BC with Judaism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Swaminarayan, Arya Samaj, Sai Baba to name a few that pushed Sanatan Dharma into background.  Know more....

Dharma is not Religion. Know More....

Sanatan Dharma Foundation® Foundation is working to publish a book titled “Hindu Sanatan Dharma – Basic Knowledge” based on narrations by Scholars of Vedic and Sanatan Dharma, coordinated and Inspired by Sudesh Aggarwal. See More....

holy city

Sanatan Dharma Holy City

Hindus built biggest of the biggest temples of Deities but failed to build a place for Sanatan Dharma. Absence of a place for Sanatan Dharma got Hindus divided. Today the younger generation is all confused about Hinduism and there is need to correct this. Resurgence of Sanatan Dharma is the need of the hour to transfer knowledge, imbibe values and build character. Read More....

Objectives of the Holy City

Resurgence of Sanatan Dharma.

Disseminating knowledge about Sanatan Dharma.

Uniting Hindus irrespective of their Gods and Goddesses they follow, caste or creed.

Peaceful co-existence message.

Develop as Holy place of pilgrimage.

Center point to issue directive guidelines on Sanatan Dharma.

Analyze Hindu traditions, festivals, rituals, customs, practices and disseminate knowledge on them in a systematic and organized way.

Place for Inter-faith conferences.

Spread Sanatan Dharma philosophy that the world is one big family.

Salient Features of the Holy City


Land Area 8,000 to 10,000 Acres


On the bank of a holy river


Easy access by Road, Rail, Air & Sea


University for Sanatan Dharma and other Religions Studies


Academy for Indian Culture, Traditions, Festivals, Rituals, Music & Dance.



Wellness Center

Wellness Centers

Yoga Centers

Yoga Center


Accomadation for Pilgrims

central Sanctorum

Full Animated Video of the Holy City

Associates & Supporters

All the Associates and Supporters shall be recognized, and their names mentioned or kept anonymous.

Associate Partners


News & Updates

February 2023

Website launched

Social Media handles activated.

Signed MOU with International Vaish Federation.

Signed MOU with Eternal Hindu Foundation for becoming an Associate.

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January 2023

Had meetings with Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Had meeting with Shri Raj Thackeray in Mumbai.

Signed MOU with Invest UP.

Project Proposal submitted to Maharashtra Government.

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December 2022

PAN Card of Foundation Received

Accounts with HDFC and YES Bank opened.

Applied for 80G and 12A Exemptions

Signed MOU with Eternal Hindu Foundation for becoming an Associate.

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Sanatan Dharma Foundation® cannot and should not build the Sanatan Dharma Holy City without the support and participation of Hindus in India, NRI’s, PIO’s and the State and the Central Government.

Hence, Foundation extends invitation to one and all to join hands in realization of this project in one form or the other.

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Team Sanatan Dharma Foundation